Trusted Local locksmiths

Local or national?

What's the difference between a trusted, local locksmith and a locksmith from a national company?


Experience! A trusted, local locksmith has built their business up from experience within the trade. This experience means they can often repair instead of simply replacing, they can pick, manipulate or by-pass locks instead of drilling. They are able to advise customers on the best possible security arrangements. Locksmiths from national companies tend to be newly trained with little experience.


National locksmiths through no fault of their own are often sent distances in excess of 40 miles, keeping the customer waiting. Your call may be answered by a national office with no experience to offer you over the phone. They will give you an estimated arrival time, while they franticly try to contact a locksmith on their books willing to take the call. The locksmith once contacted is then likely to call you with an updated arrival time.


The national company has larger overheads and therefore has to pass on these costs to the customer, that coupled with the inexperience of their newly trained locksmiths often mean the lock will need replacing in its entirety, this can be quite expensive when it comes to Multi point locking mechanisms, which can often be repaired or partially replaced by an experienced local locksmith, reducing the cost even further with a trusted, local locksmith.

Level of service

A locksmith from a national company need not be concerned with a local reputation. For a trusted, local locksmith a local reputation is their 'bread and butter' always needing to be maintained and built upon. This is only achieved by providing a high quality of service at a good price.


Don't be fooled by the slick website of a national company, this doesn't make for a higher degree of professionalism. Trusted local, locksmiths are often able to work magic with your locks and keys, but they are NOT web designers. Their budget is re-invested into professional tools rather than website design. You may think you have better recourse should something go wrong, the reality is that you will spend longer on the phone passed from pillar to post. A trusted, local locksmith concerned with a good local reputation will respond quickly and resolve any issues.

Trusted, local locksmiths

Local locksmiths

Find Local locksmiths – Don’t be fooled by the massive marketing presence of the National companies. You might think that  because you are paying more, you are receiving a better service. Most National Companies retain newly trained locksmiths due to low wages. Most National companies franticly ring around to see who will take the call out for a fraction of the charged fee.

A local locksmith is inevitably more experienced, has less overheads than a national company, provides a more professional level of service at a lower cost and is quicker to respond – There is no choice, but sometimes it is difficult to find a truly local locksmith due to false advertising on search engines.

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