Licensed locksmiths


Believe it or not, the UK locksmith industry unlike other countries is totally unregulated by Government.

Locksmiths gain intimate knowledge of the security arrangements for properties they visit.

Anyone, irrespective of their level of competence, criminal history or motive can set up and trade as a locksmith. The tools necessary to operate as a locksmith and pick virtually any lock are readily available over the internet. We think this situation is unacceptable. When employing a locksmith you need to know that the locksmith is trusted and competent, vulnerable adults, dementia sufferers in particular are at risk of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies or individuals, whilst licensing can not completely solve all issues, it can help to deter rogue elements wishing to take advantage of this loop hole' in the UK, whilst identifying any rogue element already established.

Until the time comes when the UK locksmith sector is properly regulated, you should look for a recent DBS certificate (formerly CRB), appropriate insurance cover, length of time trading, customer reviews and appropriate training. We have made this easy for you by insisting all our members have the above in order to join the Trusted Locksmiths Directory.

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