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At the Trusted Locksmiths Directory we empower word of mouth recommendations, but in order to accomplish this we rely on the all important feedback from customers, helping us to highlight top quality locksmiths. If there is anything to improve, we really want to know, as do any of our trusted locksmiths.

You can provide feedback using the form on this page or speak to one of the team on 03333 448 100

Have a complaint – Here’s what to do

Has a locksmith overcharged you? Have they unsatisfactorily completed work? If you’ve recently had work completed by a locksmith that you’re not happy with and you wish to complain, here’s what to do.

Complaining About a TLD Member:

Is the locksmith you wish to make a complaint about a member of the TLD? In the rare event that one of our vetted and inspected members carries out inadequate work, you can submit a complaint to the TLD using the form above.

How Do I Check the Company Is a TLD Member?

To check the company you intend to complain about is a TLD member please visit our Find a Locksmith page

Complaining About a Non-Member:

Once reasonable attempts to resolve the issues fail, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) for free legal advice. If the issue is more complex, you may need to escalate your complaint to Trading Standards.

To find your local Trading Standards office, visit here:-

To find your local CAB office, visit here:-